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Learn more about the company behind the tours.

A Tour that Proves Anything’s Possible
Get an introduction to A Tour of Possibilities with owner/founder Carolyn Michael-Banks. Discover the passion for African American history that drives this sightseeing company.
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Get a sneak peek at the tours you’ll be taking.

Let’s Caravan! A Tour of Possibilities
There’s so much African American history in Memphis, and now there’s a safe, fun and informa6ve way to tour it all—from well-known museums to off-the-beaten path points of interest.
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Memphis Black History Makes News
LOCAL 24 News introduces Memphis to A Tour of Possibilities—the African American history tour company offering new pandemic-safe sightseeing options from caravan to audio guided tours.
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Got a minute? Step back in time with 60 seconds to remember.

Visit the City of Memphis - And Think Africa
Hear about ties to Cairo Egypt and the father of African rivers.
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Learn the Black Background Behind St. Jude’s
Discover a litte-known African American connection.
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Stop by Beale Street - Negro Main Street USA
Learn about the Home of the Blues and Civil Rights Trail site.
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Get a Taste of the Historic Four-Way Grill
Hear all about this Memphis soul food tradition.
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Visit Mud Island River Park - Originally for African Americans
Discover the roots behind this classic Memphis attraction.
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Listen in on conversations with the tour business founder/owner.

FedEX Shares Rules of the Road with Entrepreneur
Get an inside look at A Tour of Possibilities founder/owner Carolyn Michael-Bank’s participation in the Inner City Capital Connec6ons (ICCC) program.
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Let’s Talk Tours: A Candid Conversation
Memphis Small Business Quarterly interviews Carolyn Michael-Bank’s entrepreneurial journey on the road to A Tour of Possibilities.
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Navigating Opportunities with a Tour of Possibilities
With the pandemic changing the face of business, hear how this tour company rose to the challenge with safe, engaging sight-seeing options.
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