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Five Tips for Making the Most of a Tour About Town

Tips for Making the Most of a Tour About Town

Guided tours are one of the best and most efficient ways to get to know a city and add value to your getaway, vacation, or staycation. With the help of an experienced tour company, you can develop a special bond with a city and gain insights into the places and people there. And, by investing just a little time ahead of your trip, you can turn a good tour into a great one and an educational encounter into a transformational experience.

Know Where You’re Going

Generally, when you book a tour, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what venues the tour includes. A list of venues and attractions is part of the basic informational packet you can expect from any reputable tour company. It’s a good idea to review the list of stops and destinations carefully. Don’t assume that your tour package includes that specific place you want to visit merely because it’s in the same town you’re visiting. Confirm the stops up front long before you board the bus or step into the van.

What Can I Expect at Each Stop

Not all destinations are created equal. A tour may include any number of sites. However, the activities at any given destination may differ vastly. It’s not enough to know Graceland, for example, is on the list of attractions you’ll see. You want to know what activities are included. Will you get to walk around the grounds, step inside or spend time in the gift shop? How much time you will spend at a location and how you’ll spend your time there are fair questions to ask ahead of your tour.

Take A Tour Before You Tour

Get to know where you’re going before you get there. A preview of the places you plan to visit will realty enhances your tour experience. Watching videos or reading up on travel destinations is a great way to precondition yourself for a tour. Knowing what to expect will prepare you to look for specific features and to ask your tour guide detailed questions, making for a more enjoyable and educational time out.

Keep In Touch

Tours are great places to make new friends. Enjoyed chatting with the guy next to you? Exchange contact information with each other and discuss your tour more later. A bunch of you got along famously? Collect names and start an online discussion group to share experiences. Following a year that virtually brought personal contact to a halt, tours are great ways to once more get to know one another.

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The Birthing of ATOP – A Tour of Possibilities

Birthing ATOP

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